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February 20, 2002 (page 1)

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October 24, 2007


June 2017

    "Just wanted to let you know I am finally beginning to feel like my old self again, thanks to you.  Pain is gone in hip so now we are concentrating on the hamstring area.  I know I am better because my appetite has returned, which may not be a good thing.  I sit more and get into bed without too much difficulty.

I am so happy I came to see you in the beginning when all those muscles were knots. It was the worst pain I ever endured and hope not to have to go through it again.  If I do, you will be the first person I see."



March 2015

"I came to see Sarah to find relief from depression, eczema, digestive problems and insomnia. Her treatment was very effective right away and I feel a lot better.

On top of acupuncture she gave great advice on nutrition choices to keep my problems under control in the long term.

Thank you Sarah for all your help."



September 2014

"A long term sufferer from asthma things got really bad this year. I had to be rushed to the ER in an ambulance,and spent many days on oxygen subsequently. Ever since I have been too weak to work out, had trouble walking any distance at all, and had to spend more time resting than being up and about. No inhalers or pills could do anything for me medium term.

In despair I thought I would see what Sarah could do . The result was miraculous. In just two sessions I effectively got my lungs back. For the first time in many months I no longer feel like an invalid. Thank you Sarah."

Professor Alex de Jonge. BA. MA. D.Phil Oxford.


June 2014

"HI Sarah,

Just wanted to let you know how good I feel this afternoon!  After only 3 treatments I am almost totally pain free!!!  The acupuncture staff is amazing!!!  I power walked 2.5 miles today and experienced no pain at all!!!  Can you do the exact treatments you did this morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week - I think you hit the exact places I needed the treatments.  Thank you again for giving me back my life!!!"


March 2014


I just wanted to let you know how we truly appreciate you and your Acupuncture practice! I have benefitted from treatments due to stress related neck and back issues. In a few short treatments I’m right back to my normal active lifestyle!

Also, my 14 year  old daughter suffered from back spasms and was referred to a physical therapist for treatment.. The spasms and the injury were chronic, leaving this active softball player sidelined for a good bit of her season. It wasn’t until I took her to see you that she found relief in just 3 visits. You got her back playing after the first treatment and she had continued relief after just 3 visits. You accomplished more in 3 visits than the PT did in 3 months!!

We absolutely recommend you to our friends and family!"


January 2014

"We tried acupuncture with Sarah Steed for a recurring rash on my nine year old daughter's face. After treating the rash previously with steroids, we were in search of a preventative and more natural approach. We were told acupuncture would help with her immune response. 

My daughter was nervous about the needles, but Sarah's gentle, patient nature put my daughter at ease. Best of all, her face was markedly improved and symptoms have not returned. 

Thanks, Sarah!"


January 2014

"Sarah Steed did wonders for my back! I have been having so much trouble and it seemed as though nothing was working until I went to go see her. The electronic lights felt so warm and cozy I just drifted away and when all was done I felt a thousand times better. A few treatments with her and you will be feeling like new in no time!"

Nathalie McCann

January 2014


"Dear Sarah,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I am proud to recommend Sarah Steed as an extremely talented Acupuncturist. I have benefited from her treatments, with constant, effective results. Sarah is a gifted Acupuncturist. She recognizes the whole person and provides exceptional care and treatments... reliably." 
Service Category: Doctor
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"




Sarah Steed L. Ac.