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Your First Visit

What to know before your first visit.

Please print and fill out these 5 new patient forms for your first appointment:
I can fax or mail the forms to you.

Please call with any questions or problems.
Health History Form - Women
Health History Form - Men
Consent Form
Registration Form
VA Form

Cancellation Policy
Parking is in the public parking lot behind the Warrenton post office.
 I advise you to call your health insurance company for pre authorization if needed before your first appointment. I do not file insurance claims for my patients, I will provide a super bill receipt for you to be able to file a claim. Acupuncture is not covered by Medicaid/Medicare.
 Eat a meal one to two hours before your appointment and drink plenty of water to be well hydrated. This will help the acupuncture therapy work the best. Do not drink any alcohol the day of your acupuncture and keep caffeine beverages to a minimum.


Sarah Steed L. Ac.